Today Is A Good Day A5 Daily Planner

Today Is A Good Day A5 Daily Planner


Today Is A Good Day A5 Mental Health Daily Planner

I like making lists. Lists make me do things and the satisfaction of completing a to-do list is right up there as the most satisfying feeling in the world.


⭐ Notepad Sections ⭐

Today's Goals - your standard to-do list for the day. Great for quick notes to keep you on track throughout the day with space to tick off each task as you complete it!

Self Care Plan - I use this section to plan my reward for getting through the day as something to look forward to once the working day is done - plan in a long soak in the bath, binging Netflix for a few hours or just taking a long walk on your lunch break.

What Made You Smile - Reflect on your day...remembering something that's made you smile during the day and writing it down is a great mood booster! Was it completing a massive task that you've been putting off for days? A funny cat TikTok? Speaking to a friend on Zoom? Whatever it is, there's a smile to be found every day so don't forget to write it down.

Don't Forget! - Realised there's no milk left? Run out of printer paper? Need to follow up an email? Jot down any little reminders if you're like me and forget the important things that need to be done if I don't write them down somewhere.

Mood Tracker - How you doin'? This section's ideal to use with your favourite planner stickers or a simple tick with your favourite pen as a snapshot of how you're feeling. It's been shown that recording how you'd feeling can help improve your mood as you become more self-aware of your mood and can work on improving it if need be.


  • ⭐ About Your Notepad ⭐

    Each notepad is A5 in size, so it's perfect for sitting on your desk or popping in your bag but still has enough room to write down all your important tasks!

    Printed on 120gsm paper, your pad has 50 easy to tear off sheets and has a sturdy cardboard backing page.

    Designed in Scotland, printed in the United Kingdom.

  • ⭐ Delivery ⭐

    Delivery to the United Kingdom is via Royal Mail 2nd class & your daily planner will be sent to you in a recyclable postage box to ensure it arrives with you in perfect condition.